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1-25-19 Update

The Institute has no positions open at this time. Check back in spring for new positions that may be available, and thank you to everyone who applied for the recent position.

About Volunteering and Interning at Seventh Generation Institute

The Institute is particularly interested in "skills-based volunteers" (which typically includes interns). A skills-based volunteer is a different breed of volunteer, one who brings higher level skills to volunteering - hence the name. Skills-based volunteers contrast with "traditional volunteers" who typically work on jobs that require little skill or specialized knowledge - such as serving food in a soup kitchen or cleaning trash from roadsides. Skills-based volunteers are seeking more challenging ways to serve, to use existing knowledge and skills, or to build new skills. Skills-based volunteers may be found different phases of life and with different motivations but share a strong desire to make a difference in a nonprofit setting with work that speaks to them.

Some examples:

  • Professionals wanting to add more meaning to their life outside of their workday.

  • Graduate school students kick-starting their professional careers.

  • Retirees wanting to find a new or different purpose in life through contributing to a better world.

If this level of volunteering sounds appealing please review the positions below and be in touch.

Climate and Pika Monitoring in the Southern Rockies (Pecos Wilderness)

Climate and Pika Monitoring in the Southern Rockies (Pecos Wilderness)